Weight loss tips for bulky people

I have seen many people complaining of their overweight problem and don’t have any idea to reduce or get rid of this problem. This problem is not permanent, if you carefully examine you will find certain elements who are working as lethal agents in increasing your weight. These agents are: -Junk foods -No workouts -No […]

Weight loss exercises

I am saying this without any doubt that exercises play an important role in losing weight. Whatever type of exercise you are performing, it doesn’t matter, it will surely help you in losing weight. But there are some exercises through which you can lose weight faster then any other method. Swimming: It is the best […]

Bodybuilding Routine For Beginners

I have seen many people who are interested in building their muscles. But they are not capable of making the best routines to build their muscles. Most of the time, they just, without any knowledge, go to the gym and workout with out any plan. This thing really makes me frustrated, as I feel that […]

How to select a good gym

Selecting a gym is very critical to your bodybuilding because gym is the place where you have to go on daily basis and perform exercises. It is therefore advised to pay special attention when selecting a gym. Now one might ask, what factors to be considered before actually finalizing gym. My answer is to focus […]

Importance of gym instructor in bodybuilding

Different people have different choices when it comes to bodybuilding. Some people try to build bodies at home while others prefer joining a gym. Those who try to do exercise at home may buy equipment, set up a good gym at home but they definitely miss expertise of a good trainer. Bodybuilding is not just […]

5 Rules of Extreme Muscle Building in Bodybuilding

If you want to get good muscles, you need to follow the rules that I have broken down into 5. You can follow these 5 rules of extreme muscle building in bodybuilding to get a really good body. Here are they: 1-           Become strong: First thing to be done is […]

How to do pull-up workouts

Constructing strength in your back muscles has several advantages. One of the advantages is that your attitude has improved and you’re no longer hanging. Because the muscles in your upper back to build, you will be less susceptible to damage, if not your shoulders so much emphasized. If you have a better return, you will […]

Why you should take plenty of rest during bodybuilding

Good and effective bodybuilding depends on many things. These include customized workout plan which suits your body needs, good healthy diet, use of quality supplements and seriousness towards your efforts to build muscles. But we should keep in mind that there is another important factor which contributes a lot to muscle development and that is […]

Should Teenagers Use Protein Supplements with diet?

There are different reasons of taking protein supplements. Sometimes they are to be taken as a cure for some diseases and sometimes they are taken in to gain muscles. But an important thing is to see if they are good for the teenagers. So question arises, should teenagers use protein supplements with diet?  The simple […]

Daily workout plan – A must for bodybuilding

Having a daily workout plan is very important because it can: 1-           Reduces Injuries:               One may think that how can a daily workout plan reduce injuries. The answer is very simple. Daily workout plan is custom made keeping in view your body requirements […]

3 bodybuilding myths that must be avoided to get good muscles

Most of the bodybuilders unknowingly start following certain things which do not work for them and finally they get disappointed and leave bodybuilding. So being a bodybuilder, we really need to avoid certain myths that are common and can bring negative results to our bodybuilding. Below are some common bodybuilding myths that need to be […]

Bodybuilding- Arnold Swarzneger, the icon for bodybuilders

Being fan of one of the most famous person in the world Arnold, I have read many books about him and his physique. The way he maintained and the way he made his shape 40 years back when there were no proper equipments ready for workouts. At that what techniques he used to shape up […]