5 Rules of Extreme Muscle Building in Bodybuilding

If you want to get good muscles, you need to follow the rules that I have broken down into 5. You can follow these 5 rules of extreme muscle building in bodybuilding to get a really good body. Here are they: 1-           Become strong: First thing to be done is […]

Useful tips for teens enterning into bodybuilding

This article is particularly important for teens because they  are very ambitious and want to do real big and real quick when it comes to bodybuilding. They have tendency to get mislead easily and therefore these tips are helpful for them. Tip 1:    First all the teens entering into bodybuilding must keep in mind […]

Saving money from supplements and vitamins for bodybuilding

It goes without saying that every year, bodybuilders spend a lot of money on supplements and vitamins. But let me tell you that you do not need to spend lots of money on getting what you want and still get what you need. The basic thing is that you should know where to spend and […]

3 Tips for Training Less & Seeing More Results for Your Bodybuilding

You might have heard that sometimes less works more and this really is true when it comes to bodybuilding. If you spend less time in the weight room, you will actually get more muscles. When you do heavy workouts in your exercises, you actually end up tearing your muscle tissues. The perception that muscles are […]

Bodybuilding Mantra | We are on Twitter Now | Follow Us

Bodybuilding Mantra is almost 2 years old site that is updating on regular basis and is full of unique tips and techniques for bodybuilding. We are striving best in providing regular good quality contents to the readers of this site and obviously that is only possible with the active participation of the readers. As you […]

Muscle Building Supplements for Women – Hottest Bodybuilding Supplements For Women

Though muscle building is popular in boys but not it is also becoming popular in women. It has become a famous sport in women these days. Women not only do it for bodybuilding but for gaining confidence, strength and to achieve a desired size. Supplements for bodybuilding for male and female are different. Take an […]

3 simple and easy ways to build muscles of your body on a fast track

Most of the guys who start body building commit some mistakes in the start to build their muscles fast. However, if you follow the following instructions, you can make your muscles fast without the use of supplements. Step 1: Most of the folks who start exercise, they tend to do exhaustive exercises as depicted in […]

Six pack ab exercises- the best a man can get

Six Pack Ab Exercises; hopeful beach models are always looking for the latest and greatest moves to keep their abs looking implausible. However, as an alternative of probing for the subsequent exercise that will carve your stomach, a better question to ask is how to execute the routines that are previously being done. Most people […]

Simple bodybuilding tips other than workouts

Bodybuilding no doubt depends on having a good exercise plan, protein food and plenty of rest but there are some very minor steps which, if followed, can bring good results and add value to our bodybuilding process. I will explain them below and will advise all bodybuilders to follow them: 1-         […]

Discounted weight lifting supplements for bodybuilding

An important thing to note is that supplements should not be confused with steroids and that is why if they are used under instructions of the trainer, they are of great use and not only they help to get a good body but also help recover from injuries and soreness. If you are trying to […]

Daily workout plan – A must for bodybuilding

Having a daily workout plan is very important because it can: 1-           Reduces Injuries:               One may think that how can a daily workout plan reduce injuries. The answer is very simple. Daily workout plan is custom made keeping in view your body requirements […]

Bodybuilding- Ruling the world today

The best way to keep yourself up to date and fit is to do a bit fitness workout or bodybuilding. fitness work out has only short time result, but with bodybuilding you will get long term results not only for your body but for your mind as well. People were of the view in the […]