Basic Strength Training is the Key to Sensational Abs in Bodybuilding

You can get sensational abs through basic strength training. By strength training, we do not mean that you run on a treadmill, it does not mean that you ride on a stationary bike or use an elliptical machine. Strength training can be described as the process of building muscles by using free weights in workouts […]

Useful tips for teens enterning into bodybuilding

This article is particularly important for teens because they  are very ambitious and want to do real big and real quick when it comes to bodybuilding. They have tendency to get mislead easily and therefore these tips are helpful for them. Tip 1:    First all the teens entering into bodybuilding must keep in mind […]

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat Quickly – Top 10 Tips to Guarantee Your Results for Bodybuilding

If you are looking to gain muscles and lose fat and following the tips given by your trainer or doctor but still finding it impossible to achieve, this means that you are lacking somewhere. Basically your metabolism rate determines how much calories you consume daily. If you have a higher metabolism rate, you end up […]

Why Gym is the best Bodybuilding Solution

In early years, bodybuilding was considered only a profession and professional bodybuilders were indulge in building muscles to compete different bodybuilding competitions and contests but nowadays bodybuilding has become the daily routine of people who want to look attractive and healthy. Gaining strong and burly muscles has now become the desire of every individual especially […]

What are steroids and why should you avoid them?

I am writing this article to create awareness among the youth who are running blindly after the steroid products in the name of so called sub-standard supplements and are unaware of the dangerous effects of   using such steroids. Guys who are young and beginner at the gyms are just crazy and anxious to see […]

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Bodybuilding Training

Here I offer you a little list of five things you should really stay clear of with the gymnasium to be able to accomplish far better outcomes and with the exact same time take pleasure in the time you will be spending attempting to develop muscles. 1. If you will be working out alone, don’t […]

Tips to avoid foot and knee problems

Stretching properly: On foot and knee problems to avoid stretching before you walk is a vital but often neglected part of any runner’s daily regimen. Here are some things you can do to make that first step to be effective: – As you start the learning process of the racks, a physiotherapist, trainer, instructor or […]

Know your best body building supplement- tribulus

Basically tribulus, a herb found in Asia, its complete name is tribulus terrestris. In the past people used this herb for the cure of: §                 Liver §                 Kidney §                 Cardiovascular diseases. […]

Some facts about Anabolic steroids:

Those who are in the world of body building or any competitive sports, clearly know the amount of pressure they bear to achieve optimal performance. Many athletes are of the view that without artificially enhancing powers they are unable to reach the peak value. Now in this article I am going to discuss the use […]

Workout Routine for Bodybuilders

For most of last year I used Francesco Castano’s Incredibody exercise routine, which is essentially a normal winding batter parts of the body 3 times a week. Sets were increased every 2-6 week period of 4 to 11 repeat failure for each set: 2 sets, ie 8 to 11 repetitions, 3 sets of 4 to […]

Amazing Weight Gaining Tips for Hard gainers!

In this article I will provide you 4 little known, how-to-steps that will force your body to gain weight, muscle mass to be more specific, even if you are a hardgainer! If you are reading this article I can carefully taken for granted that you have tried many ways to gain weight, and have perhaps […]

EL pair out to muscle their way to glory

THEY’VE come a long way jointly, now the two friends are out to muscle their way to bodybuilding magnificence this weekend. Previous junior-heavyweight 2008 champion Everitt Hand and Louis Bessinger will be struggling for top honours in their personal weight divisions at the yearly Border Bodybuilding provincial championships at the Guild Theatre on Sunday afternoon. […]