How to build biceps, strong arms and solid triceps? Try our style and enjoy life

In every gym that you will, you will see the people pumping their biceps. The biceps with Pecs Abs and are sometimes called vanity muscles because they are the most visible and therefore require the most respect. Invariably, if you ask someone to show its muscle, it probably doubles your biceps. Before we discuss biceps […]

Role of a gym instructor in bodybuilding

One of the main reasons that why you should join a gym rather than doing exercise at home is because you do not have professional advice of a gym instructor at home. Do not ignore the value of having a gym instructor who is there at every step to guide you and help you in […]

Diet plan for Ectomorph Bodybuilders

A common mistake made by many starters when they enter bodybuilding is that they take lots of food and think that it is very important for bodybuilding. The fact is that eating lots of food will give you mass which will increase your weight but you are actually looking to get muscles and not weight. […]

How much professional bodybuilders earn?

Bodybuilding mania,  Bodybuilders bodybuilding, body building whatever name there a way that ‘s an athletic body. This is a method of body shape changes with the help of various exercises and weight training is done. When the body has the current economic touch of professionalism in the building. To their own up there who have […]

7 killer weightlosss tips to burn fats in Gym

Hey, we all desire to shed some pounds and get back to the body that we had when we were younger and didn’t be grateful for it but it takes regulation, planning, and devotion to craft that happen. All too often people shed 10 or 15 pounds and then seem to stop losing weight. There […]

Differences between Exercise Programs for Men and Women in Bodybuilding

Getting a good body is not only the desire for men but it has also been a desire for women now. Both men and women want it but there are some differences in what men look for in bodybuilding and what women look for. Men look for very big muscles and immense power and purpose […]

Muscle Building Supplements for Women – Hottest Bodybuilding Supplements For Women

Though muscle building is popular in boys but not it is also becoming popular in women. It has become a famous sport in women these days. Women not only do it for bodybuilding but for gaining confidence, strength and to achieve a desired size. Supplements for bodybuilding for male and female are different. Take an […]

Important tips about food and its intake in bodybuilding

As we all know that food is vital for bodybuilding and it’s proper intake can bring magical results for muscle growth, this article will bring some important tips for you to effectively use food for bodybuilding. Below is what you need to follow: 1-           Very first thing which you might […]

Steps for effective Bodybuilding

All of us hear that bodybuilding is about having a good exercise plan, taking nutritious diet and having lots of rest. Yes, these are major things that we need to take care of to get effective bodybuilding. Apart from these major items, there are some smaller tips that you can follow to improve results of […]

Life style of a bodybuilder who achieved his goal and now enjoy maintaining his body

The forms of modern life are really hectic when it comes to the daily schedule. This is especially so for body builders who have to squeeze a constant schedule of training and other contracts between work, family, education, food, social life and even sleep right. §               The incorporation […]

Hey guys’…here are some workouts that will surely give you desired abs!!

The ABS is the center piece of a constitution of the bodybuilders and as such it is a large group of muscle to show off but also difficult muscle groups to train properly as people simply do not know. The hands go up to anyone who is still doing sit-ups and abdominal exercises. If that’s […]

Why Take a Vitamin?

Despite the fact that people are living rough ways of life more than ever, she is following a more healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis. You might wonder if the recommendation by the health industry to take a multivitamin daily is still valid in light of the tendency of people to become healthier […]