Ebooks for Bodybuilding

Most of the guys in the field of bodybuilding are not getting their desired results. They dream a lot about their physique but do not get expected results. Now there could be different reasons for that. Either they are not getting the right type of training or perhaps they are not getting proper diet. It […]

I Take Quite A Few Vitamins And Supplememts, Is It Best To Take Them All At Once In The Morning With Food?

or is it best to split them up throughout the day?

L-Arginine helps Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding enables you to build muscles at a rapid pace by strenuous workout and tiring efforts. But there comes a point when you achieve stability and then experience no further development of your muscles. At this point, you start rethinking of extended muscle growth. Now, you need a change and that change would be brought […]

Why should we consult gym instructors during workouts for bodybuilding?

One of the biggest advantages of joining a professional gym rather than doing exercise at home is availability of an instructor in the gym. Being a bodybuilder, we must consult our instructor at each and every step to get professional advice. Some of the guys try to do things at their own in the gym […]

Supplements better than ever

Many people are using supplements for making their body attractive and effective to lift heavy weights. They are not aware of the fact that the amount of supplements they are taking in can cause a lot of problems in their bodies. They don’t have any knowledge about any supplement they are using, they are just […]

Creatine: Build Muscle Rapidly and Achieve Bodybuilding Success

Creatine has the ability to speed up the process of bodybuilding, i.e. muscle growth and empowerment through the provision of additional energy by stimulating enhanced protein synthesis. Usually, supplements such as anabolic acids are considered dangerous and hence avoided but creatine is scientifically authorized and reliable in building muscles and making the person stronger. It […]

Great techniques for bodybuilding – 3 best techniques

Bodybuilding is a vast field and there are really many areas to focus on that can really help you achieving good results in bodybuilding. We will present you great techniques for bodybuilding – 3 best techniques. 1-         First and foremost thing is consistency. You need to be really consistent with your […]

The Secret to Achieving Your Ideal Weight and Staying There

You fall into the category of those who have lost weight only to watch it slowly turns the arrow closest to the right of the dreaded scale. Perhaps you are in a constant state of losing the back of the rise 2 1 lbs? Whatever your situation, the word probably describes him frustrated So why […]

Workout Routine for Bodybuilders

For most of last year I used Francesco Castano’s Incredibody exercise routine, which is essentially a normal winding batter parts of the body 3 times a week. Sets were increased every 2-6 week period of 4 to 11 repeat failure for each set: 2 sets, ie 8 to 11 repetitions, 3 sets of 4 to […]

4 Great Muscle Building Strategies For Superior Strength And Growth in Bodybuilding

This article will explain 4 great muscle building strategies for superior strength and growth in bodybuilding. These are proven methods to get you really good results and are explained as under: 1-           Keep a look on your calories:   It is important to increase the number of calories intake for […]

How to get rid of Knock-knee

Many people complained that their kids have knock-knee which may cause problems in walking.Today i am going to give you a desi tip to remove knock-knee. if you follow my tip religiously then i bet you Can easily remove your knock-knee. Simply stand on a wooden curve plank and do sit ups 5-7 a day […]

How to tighten lower abs

Everyone is staring for ways to tighten lower abs. It is probably one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) muscle groups to reach. It’s that stubborn little pooch women usually protest about; that extra flab of fat that keep men from buttoning their pants effortlessly. I’ll tell you, it is tricky to zero in […]