How to get wide shoulders

Work your shoulders. Try doing movements such as the military press, the Arnold press, lateral and anterior shoulder raises, push-ups and, of course, rotator cuff exercises. The best technique for these exercises can be found on the internet and in books. If you are capable to do that, perform push-ups and military presses with dumbbells. […]

Fitness Tips for male and female bodybuilders enjoying at home gym

Fitness tips are usually available on all sorts of magazines and you can get them from many experts and trainers. But sometimes you might feel that those fitness tips are really burdening on you as you are trying to make them in their routine but instead of adding them you are just get irritated by […]

Bodybuilding Blunders to be avoided for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Although, bodybuilding is one of the most approachable sports for all those who are interested in it but people often get themselves injured and de motivated if they don’t keep certain things in mind while their bodybuilding workouts. Usually, the blunders made and a way to avoid such blunders is unknown. To help all those […]

Why to avoid alcohol when bodybuilding?

Alcohol brings in many side effects which negatively affect our bodybuilding and muscle growth. Most of the guys take too much of it while others take it in moderate fashion. But believe me that if you want muscle and body growth, alcohol can be a big stoppage in that. Below I will explain how: 1- […]

Mesothelioma patient's and their workouts

For those who have mesothelioma, an emotion of fatigue is frequent while getting treatment. The tired feeling that patients experience is often unusual from the typical tried feeling of a healthy individual. This fatigue feeling can often be a type of overtiredness that is hard to cure, even with respite and can last for a […]

Calcium helps the heart, nerves, muscles, and other body systems work properly

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. It is essential to the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth, the rough 99% of calcium in the body is deposited in these two places. Calcium also helps the heart, nerves to muscles and other body systems to work properly. To function properly, calcium […]

Some Useful Bodybuilding Tips for Women

In early ages bodybuilding was only considered an exercise for males who actively remain engaged in building muscles to look attractive and healthy but now trend of bodybuilding is rising in women as well because bodybuilding makes human body looks attractive and beautiful no matter it’s a male or a female. Below are some useful […]

Bodybuilding Mantra | We are on Twitter Now | Follow Us

Bodybuilding Mantra is almost 2 years old site that is updating on regular basis and is full of unique tips and techniques for bodybuilding. We are striving best in providing regular good quality contents to the readers of this site and obviously that is only possible with the active participation of the readers. As you […]

The Secret to Achieving Your Ideal Weight and Staying There

You fall into the category of those who have lost weight only to watch it slowly turns the arrow closest to the right of the dreaded scale. Perhaps you are in a constant state of losing the back of the rise 2 1 lbs? Whatever your situation, the word probably describes him frustrated So why […]

Tips for choosing a good supplement for your bodybuilding plan

Bodybuilding depends on several things like good exercise plan, good nutritious diet and lots of rest. We need to concentrate on all of these factors to get a good physique. When we talk about good diet, supplements definitely come into play. Getting good supplements has always been an issue because there are plenty of supplements […]

5 Reasons to Try Full Body Workouts during Bodybuilding

This article will tell you 5 reasons to try full body workouts during bodybuilding. These reasons are as under: 1-         You can save your time by performing full body workouts because they are needed twice a week. This will save your time for rest of the week and you can perform […]

Women's Fitness

Yoga has a long times gone by as a put into practice used by ancient sages, yogis and monks in the East to help them achieve their goal of spiritual enlightenment. However in the last 50 years it has gained considerable popularity as a way for us in the West to keep fit and healthy. […]