Effect of human growth hormone on bodybuilding

Doing exercise and workouts is a favorite pastime activity of many people. Some people go just for maintaining their body properly while the others want to go to extreme and become proper body builders. They want to put in all the efforts and work hard to build it properly. But once they have made all […]

Important tips about food and its intake in bodybuilding

As we all know that food is vital for bodybuilding and it’s proper intake can bring magical results for muscle growth, this article will bring some important tips for you to effectively use food for bodybuilding. Below is what you need to follow: 1-           Very first thing which you might […]

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder

Jay Cutler is a renowned IFBB professional bodybuilder. He was born on August 3, 1973, youngest among 7 siblings, and spent his initial life days at Massachusetts where he got a college degree in Criminal justice. Then, he shifted permanently to Las Vegas with his wife to excel in his bodybuilding profession. He was always […]

Six pack abs workout tips for six-pack ab lovers

Six pack abs are very much in now days. Many boys and even men are used to make six pack abs just to look hot and wild. Getting six packs abs is looking very easy now days, but actually it needs a shear hard work in getting. Lots of workouts related to abdomen, perfect diet […]

What is Bodybuilding- Main concept for your help?

I have seen many people who are confused about bodybuilding, why? because, they don’t know the difference between bodybuilding and fitness training. As an expert I am going to tell you the main difference, Bodybuilding can enroll all aspects related to human body. Fitness training is a part of bodybuilding, it is just an addition […]

Bodybuilding Energy Drinks – Beneficial or Not ?

Energy drinks have becoming popular since 1980′s and most of the bodybuilding trainer’s recommend energy drinks for pre and post workout. Usually plain water is used by the bodybuilders during bodybuilding workout but it is no recommended to use energy drinks instead of plain water because it not only provides extra energy during workout but […]

Women's Fitness

Yoga has a long times gone by as a put into practice used by ancient sages, yogis and monks in the East to help them achieve their goal of spiritual enlightenment. However in the last 50 years it has gained considerable popularity as a way for us in the West to keep fit and healthy. […]

Existence of Natural Bodybuilding in Modern World

It is very difficult to understand the meaning of natural bodybuilding in the modern world. New and high tech bodybuilding steroids and supplements make it difficult to distinct it from the old world commonly used steroids and supplements. With the usage and of high tech protein and supplements in the modern world bodybuilding, one can […]

Bodybuilding 2010

People of new era are now applying different ways for bodybuilding.Instead of using machines they are focusing on building muscles by doing home tips like doing sit ups and chin ups at home. Push ups play a very important role in building your chest muscles and shoulder muscles as well.Pushups in bodybuilding play a very […]

Why you should take plenty of rest during bodybuilding

Good and effective bodybuilding depends on many things. These include customized workout plan which suits your body needs, good healthy diet, use of quality supplements and seriousness towards your efforts to build muscles. But we should keep in mind that there is another important factor which contributes a lot to muscle development and that is […]

Simple workout for kids:

Simple weight exercises are recommended for kids. These exercises not only make your kids look healthy but also make them alert and active. Here are some tips for your convenience: Squats. Add crunches, 5-6 are sufficient. Wide stance squats. Lateral raises. Sits ups and chin ups are also effective. One arm rows. Overhead triceps extension […]

3 bodybuilding myths that must be avoided to get good muscles

Most of the bodybuilders unknowingly start following certain things which do not work for them and finally they get disappointed and leave bodybuilding. So being a bodybuilder, we really need to avoid certain myths that are common and can bring negative results to our bodybuilding. Below are some common bodybuilding myths that need to be […]