Techniques to Build Muscle

There are many techniques when it approaches to building muscles that have been proven to work faster than others. The obvious benefits of these techniques are faster muscle growth particularly when summer is around the corner. Slower motioned training proves to work. It helps boost your muscle to develop relatively in shorter periods of time. […]

How to get wide shoulders

Work your shoulders. Try doing movements such as the military press, the Arnold press, lateral and anterior shoulder raises, push-ups and, of course, rotator cuff exercises. The best technique for these exercises can be found on the internet and in books. If you are capable to do that, perform push-ups and military presses with dumbbells. […]

Do Nitric Oxide Supplements help in bodybuilding and weight lifting?

Nitric oxide is basically a gas that is produced in our body and it functions to control blood circulation in our body and also is a source of maintaining our nervous system. Now, nitric oxide supplements help to increase blood flow in our body and thus can be very helpful in our bodybuilding or weightlifting […]

How to Increase Muscle Weight Without Overeating

Usually, people with low weight and height are considered underweight and unhealthy. For those who are underweight and skinny, they always indulged in various ways to put an extra pounds to his body weight to make themselves look healthy. Such people may be underweight due to a number of factors such as inheritance, lack of […]

5 Important Qualities of a good Gym

Gym definitely is the key when bodybuilding is started. Everyone knows the importance of gym and therefore selection of a good gym remains of vital importance. What are the qualities of a good gym that make your selection of gym an appropriate decision? Through my personal experience, I have come to know about the following […]

Get Abs Immediately by simple exercises

Getting six pack abs is something very many people long for. There are many books and other publications that talk a lot about the easiest means to develop abs for both men and women. There are also a number of exercises that are intended to assist you develop abs without a hassle. With the newest […]

Strength like Bruce Lee without Ever Going to a Gym

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee […]

Amateur body builders having low body building progress-Reasons

Some of the amateur body builders in the gym do not get the progress they want and get disappointed and start losing. Don’t let yourself be one of those. Weight training is a great sport if you follow the manners attached to it and it is possible to get good results if you know a […]

Benefits of a home gym

You must have read many articles on the importance of joining a gym and that too of professional gym. No doubt there are many advantages of joining a professional gym, but t the same time, home gym also has some advantages. Below I have enlisted some of the advantages of having a home gym: 1- […]

How to build chest muscles fast

Whether male or female, the want to build chest muscle is the same. A well-developed chest makes your whole upper body look enhanced under a tee shirt or on the beach. Building chest muscle acquires a little vital knowledge and the will to prolong working hard during your workouts. Each personage will have contradictory explicit […]

Best Tips You Need To Enter Bodybuilding Competitions

Bodybuilding competitions are a big deal and can be scary as well with competition environment all around. These competitions have professional bodybuilders all over and therefore are very intense and tough. You should therefore be well prepared for such competitions to give your best. Below are the best tips you need to enter bodybuilding competitions […]

Comparison between a bodybuilder and a strongman

Heather, Noah and I all went out to eat Sunday night. Now Noah is a very sociable little boy most of the time. He tends to dominate waitresses when we eat at restaurants. He will talk their ear off particularly if he’s really animated about something or is in the mood. So he proceeds to […]