Six pack abs workout tips for six-pack ab lovers

Six pack abs are very much in now days. Many boys and even men are used to make six pack abs just to look hot and wild. Getting six packs abs is looking very easy now days, but actually it needs a shear hard work in getting. Lots of workouts related to abdomen, perfect diet and proper routine.

Have seen many experts and builders who have their own ways of making six pack abs which sometimes are easy and sometimes very much difficult for people like us who have many other commitments but still want to make six pack abs. Finally devised and applied some tips which are already known to you but I have applied in an easy manner to help you in making six pack abs.

  • If you are making a six-pack ab and you consider yourself a bulky person then your first step is to lose fat from your belly. Loads of ways to lose belly fats but the best way is to stop drinking or reduce the amount of water intake for sometime like a week or two. This will lower many minerals from your body and your belly fat start reducing. This tip is bit new but its effective. Otherwise you can use to do crunches for losing fats and you can do crunches for making six pack abs, totally dumb idea isn’t it !!!
  • Stop living like a fool, crunches are good but you cannot focus yourself by this kinda workout. Machines at gyms are the best source of making a six pack abs. What ever is achieved is achieved by hard work but a six pack can be achieved by smart work. Don’t believe? Simply lose belly fat by reducing amount of water intake and do intense workouts and leave crunches in warm up sessions. Crunches look better in warm up sessions or you can perform them on holidays when you are off from gym.
  • Try to add more weight and force your belly to curves to come out of your abdominal cavity. How is it possible? Just follow the simple prudent rule “ perform workouts religiously” you will see the results very soon.
  • Getting a six pack ab is not an easy task I am saying that again but I have made it simple for you. You don’t have to select the workouts for your abdominal muscles but you have to add all workouts for making a six pack ab. Don’t leave a single workout related to abs making. Focus on diet after losing high amount of fats from your body( for bulky people). After that when you start making some blocks on your belly then enjoy eating accordingly and which is needed for your abs.
  • Basically most recommended diet is of protein diet, helpful in making fibers and building damaged tissues. Egg white, a very simple tip, eat or drink 12-13 egg whites a day in if its winter season and if its summer then 5-6 egg whites are sufficient.
  • Also do measure your shape regarding six pack abs whether all blocks are developing at same shape or not.

I hope some of my easy tips really helped you and clear your thoughts about making six pack abs

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  1. This is pretty good informatiom figuring I was going pleading for some diet advice or some Crazy awesome ab ripper type info from They have some great things some of what you have and some different. I do like your site tho. Cheers

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